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Leverage cohorts to supercharge your training

A city leader recently told me, "I don’t like to delegate because my team isn’t as skilled in the work as I am and they can’t do the task as well as me.  Maybe I’m a perfectionist."
He went on to say that he went to training to learn the basics of delegation and the best practices yet he doesn't want to delegate and receive the benefits of doing so.   He's stuck as a leader….he's not learning and growing.   
His training was great but he's not adopting the ideas he learned.
Learning cohorts are one element you can add to your training to become a city or county that builds a learning culture.   Cohorts are assigned groups of 4-5 people who meet on a regular basis to journey through a training concept together.   Cohorts enable action, questions and adoption of ideas. 
Cohorts are about honesty, accountability and vulnerability….they’re about learning and growing...
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Local Government Moral and Productivity Tied to a Culture of Listening


In local government there is a lot of stress on teams to get more done with less.   This is also true in private industry, but since local governments literally serve everyone in a community, the pressure to get things done is unique. 

In the quest to perform at a high level, the practice of quality communication is key to success and a vital part of communication is listening.   

Without good listening instructions fall apart, people feel dismissed, mistakes occur, projects fail or are delayed, productivity goes down and frustration pervades. 

At LeaderGov we address this and other issues in our Live Workshops and Weekly Leadership Lessons.   

Good listeners do a few things to  be considered “active listeners”. 

  1. Pay attention and maintain focus on the person you’re talking to; this means they put their phones down when talking to someone. 
  2. Demonstrate they are listening by clarifying what they heard back to...
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How the Four Personality Styles Affect How You Communicate

disc Mar 16, 2020

At LeaderGov we frame much of our local government workshops and online training around the four major personality styles as defined by DiSC.  DiSC is the worlds most popular personality profiling program and is used by over 1,000,000 people per year.

The DiSC model includes styles called Driver, Inspiring, Supporter and Cautious.   Each style has inherent positive qualities and challenges in how they communicate.  In our workshops we help local government leaders learn their styles (or take the assessment) so that they can know their own style (strengths and weaknesses) and also learn how to approach other styles for maximum effectiveness.

Which style are you and how do you sometimes see yourself communicating in ineffective ways?

  • The Driver Style:  This person is results-oriented and highly focused on the end goal.   Their communications can be blunt and to the point and sometimes be misunderstood as aggressive. They may tend to talk over others and not...
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Four Great Ways to Motivate Your Team for Success

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Leaders intrinsically know that motivation comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Growing up, I was motivated to attend Boy Scouts on Monday nights because I wanted to achieve the next merit badge and I enjoyed doing fun stuff with my friends.

In managing a City or County team, it’s important to continually leverage a few essential motivational approaches so your team is inspired to do great work each day.

Below are four common ways in which most people are motivated:

  • Having clear goals
  • Receiving regular performance feedback
  • Being coached to help make progress toward goals
  • Receiving private or group recognition

Because each leader has his or her own style of leading, they may be more comfortable providing motivation in one way or another.  As a leader, however, it is important for you to move beyond your own individual style and provide these types of motivation to employees so that they can thrive and give their best work.

In doing this your organizational...

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Practices for Effective Local Government Leadership and Management

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2020


Being fair, honest, and ethical in all personal and professional relationships and activities

Leadership dimensions that contribute to this core content area are:

  • Fostering ethical behavior throughout the organization through exemplary personal actions
  • Ensuring the decision-making model reflects integrity, honesty, and openness.

Management dimensions that contribute to this core content area are:

  • Conducting professional relationships and activities fairly, honestly, ethically, and in conformance with the ICMA Code of Ethics and the policies of your local government to maintain public confidence in the profession and local government
  • Performing official and personal affairs in a manner that clearly conveys that you cannot be improperly influenced
  • Fostering ethical behavior throughout the organization through staff training on administrative ethics and the ICMA Code of Ethics
  • Holding staff accountable and instilling accountability...
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