"Our elected officials and staff need to get away to plan for the future."

- Board of Commissioners

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We work with you to create an engaging and collaborative retreat:

  • Customized agenda development that aligns to your specific retreat objectives
  • Our facilitation process helps teams determine, debate and gain agreement on key goals for the future
  • Teamwork tools, breakouts, planning exercises, assessments and collaboration programs   
  • Full facilitation of the event so you, as the leader, can fully participate
  • Post-event engagement to help you implement what was planned

LeaderGov-led retreats engage your team in meaningful discussion for better planning results. 

Ray Gibson 

City Manager

"We've used LeaderGov for our staff and elected official retreats several times and they do a great job.  Getting alignment to a long-term vision was really helpful to us."

Corey Hambrick

County Chief of Staff

"LeaderGov has great facilitation skills.  They worked with our leadership team to develop goals and plans to help us get to the next level of success for our community."


Alex Cohilas  

City Manager 

"Bill and his team did a super job at helping our elected officials and leadership team come together and gain agreement on some key issues.  I recommend LeaderGov."

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