Local Government leadership training has never been easier and more affordable!

Transform eight of your key managers through a highly engaging 7-month leadership journey

Leadership Cohort

Includes 8 Leaders from Your City or County

  • Seven 90-minute monthly workshops
  • Utilize Zoom technology and breakout functionality 
  • Custom-tailored content for local government 
  • Learn with another city or county for best practice sharing 
  • Maximum of eight leaders 
  • Includes Resources Guide and other supporting materials
  • Access to previous sessions
  • Included DISC personality assessment and Report
  • Real-time online discussion around leadership topics
  • Graduation recognition and certification upon successful completion

Impact to your city or county:


  • More cohesive teams
  • Higher team productivity
  • Promotion-ready leaders 
  • Gain new ideas from best practice sharing
  • Better decision making
  • Increased team communication
  • Eliminate unhealthy conflict
  • Long-term application of concepts
  • Better understanding of team members and their behavior 
  • Leadership concepts applied on a daily basis 

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