Local Government leadership training has never been easier and more affordable!

Transform your leadership through a highly engaging 7-month leadership journey!

I'm interested in forming an 8 or 16 person leadership cohort group.

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If you don't have a group of 8 or 16 ready for the LeaderGov program, no problem.

Sign-up now and join a wide range of other learners from around the US.  We call them "Constellation Cohorts". Learn from your peers in local government and make great relationships.

We have groups starting nearly every month.  


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Leadership Cohort

Grow your own leadership skills or your teams' skills

  • Seven 90-minute monthly workshops via Zoom
  • Includes engaging  breakout sessions  
  • Custom-tailored content for local government 
  • Optionally, learn with another city or county for best practice sharing 
  • Includes Resources Guide and other supporting materials
  • Access to previous learning sessions
  • Included DISC personality assessment and report
  • Real-time online discussion around leadership topics
  • Graduation recognition and certification upon successful completion

Impact to your city or county:


  • More cohesive teams
  • Higher team productivity
  • Promotion-ready leaders 
  • Gain new ideas from best practice sharing
  • Better decision making
  • Increased team communication
  • Eliminate unhealthy conflict
  • Long-term application of concepts
  • Better understanding of team members and their behavior 
  • Leadership concepts applied on a daily basis 

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