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Local Government Moral and Productivity Tied to a Culture of Listening


In local government there is a lot of stress on teams to get more done with less.   This is also true in private industry, but since local governments literally serve everyone in a community, the pressure to get things done is unique. 

In the quest to perform at a high level, the practice of quality communication is key to success and a vital part of communication is listening.   

Without good listening instructions fall apart, people feel dismissed, mistakes occur, projects fail or are delayed, productivity goes down and frustration pervades. 

At LeaderGov we address this and other issues in our Live Workshops and Weekly Leadership Lessons.   

Good listeners do a few things to  be considered “active listeners”. 

  1. Pay attention and maintain focus on the person you’re talking to; this means they put their phones down when talking to someone. 
  2. Demonstrate they are listening by clarifying what they heard back to...
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