Two "people areas" of Local Government that cause leader pain

LeaderGov conducted an informal poll of local government leaders on LinkedIN and asked them which of these four areas created the most pain for them: 

  1. People issues slowing progress
  2. People issues clogging HR
  3. Unresolved people issues
  4. People not succession-ready

By far, the two biggest pain topics were: 

  • People issues slowing progress (38% )  and 
  • Lack of succession ready people (38%)

The Pain Associated with People Slowing Progress

We all know that tension on teams, past challenges and poor attitudes or past lack of follow-through can damage progress as teams work together.   As a leader however, it’s your job to address people and process issues that get in the way of results.  Failure to do so, typically makes matters worse, not better.   In fact, not addressing people issues erodes your respect and often emboldens others to become less responsible in their work, since they know you are not likely to address substandard work. 

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