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Four Great Ways to Motivate Your Team for Success

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Leaders intrinsically know that motivation comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Growing up, I was motivated to attend Boy Scouts on Monday nights because I wanted to achieve the next merit badge and I enjoyed doing fun stuff with my friends.

In managing a City or County team, it’s important to continually leverage a few essential motivational approaches so your team is inspired to do great work each day.

Below are four common ways in which most people are motivated:

  • Having clear goals
  • Receiving regular performance feedback
  • Being coached to help make progress toward goals
  • Receiving private or group recognition

Because each leader has his or her own style of leading, they may be more comfortable providing motivation in one way or another.  As a leader, however, it is important for you to move beyond your own individual style and provide these types of motivation to employees so that they can thrive and give their best work.

In doing this your organizational culture will improve and you and your team will achieve more of your important goals.

In our next blog, we’ll talk about a different kind of motivation – one that creates an environment that leverages each team member’s unique style.   Stay tuned.

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