New Team Assessment Platform for improving working relationships

Ever wonder why you just don't get along with certain people? 

They rub you the wrong way or they aren't as responsive as you'd like?  

When these people are your employees it's especially important that you have tools to resolve team conflict.  Part of your role is to engage, approach, coach, inspire and lead all sorts of personality types.  But we need to value, understand and know how to support them.

LeaderGov now offers a new system to help you do just that. 

LeaderGov's Team Assessment System is a powerful way to compare personalities on your team and visually see how and where you are different.

Knowing how to modify your approach to others is a key to successful management.   LeaderGov's new system gives you a way to better relate, coach and work cooperatively with your team. 

Below is a sample of how Tim and I compare.  You can use the drop down to select any team member to compare yourself to.

The LeaderGov Team Assessment System also shows the styles of everyone on your team which allows you to better understand the culture of your team.   You may find that you have more D-styles or C-Styles than others and that can help you know how to compensate to round-out your culture.  

As you can see, the team below has few D-styles which may mean the team is slow to make decisions or confront problems. 

The Team Assessment System provides regular reminders of how you can best relate to those on your team including notices in the platform and weekly emails. 

Lastly the new system gives you access to seven additional assessments for your team including:

  1. 16 Types
  2. Enneagram
  3. Productivity: Energy Rhythm
  4. Cultural Pulse
  5. Strengths: Via 
  6. Motivating Values
  7. StrenghtsFinder (extra cost)

Let us know if we can help you get started with the new team productivity platform.  For teams up to 10 in size the one-time cost is $400.  If you are interested in growing the level of  your team's understanding and collaboration email us at [email protected] or call 678-833-4310. 


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