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Using good judgment has never been more important

Our assessment and training programs help public service agencies predict and support officers who may struggle with judgment


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LeaderGov's Program Impacts

  • Officer community engagement
  • Over-reaction by officers
  • Reduction in hiring and legal costs
  • Healthy home-work balance
  • Ability to deal with challenging people
  • Morale and ability to follow directions
  • Officer and vehicle safety

Hire Better

Predict candidate judgment and decision-making strengths and weaknesses as part of your selection

Promote Better

Gain key insights to put people in the best positions to be successful and reduce risk

Train Better

Focus your training efforts to meet the most pressing "people skill" needs of your team

New Hire Program

$179/ per candidate*

Key features

  • Exclusive 17 indicator Assesswise Public Service Assessment, report and indicator materials
  • Report provided immediately to training officer
  • Includes follow-up questions to ask candidate and coaching
  • Includes video training support for Chief, Deputy and Training Officer
  • 20 minute online assessment
  • Validated in over 30 studies
  • Add-on training post-hiring is $170
  • EEOC Compliant

* volume discounts available

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Agency Program

$349/ per employee*

Key Features

  • All of the new hire program benefits, PLUS...
  • Each officer assigned courses based on their indicator gaps (17 courses total) 
  • Courses delivered in private branded learning system (LMS) which tracks officer course completions
  • Monthly videos on key indicators with discussion and coaching questions to support concepts on an ongoing basis

* volume discounts available


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Scott Gray 

Chief of Police 

"LeaderGov gives us better tools for hiring and improving our officer's quality of citizen interaction, especially in stressful situations."

Randy Camp

Fire Chief

"LeaderGov’s training has helped our team build better relationships and, as a result, has improved our ability to serve our citizens better."

Cassandra Jones

Cheif of Police

"Their workshops provided for great interaction, were actionable and made you think.  It was out-of-the-box and not the norm."

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