Program Details

The LeaderGov Academy program includes all you need to provide professional development training and equipping to your City or County.   We’ve made it easy for you to deploy learning to both leadership teams and individuals who provide the frontline support to citizens and visitors.

The program includes the following:

Course DeliveryOnline On-Demand OnlyLeaderGov Equips Your Facilitators
LeaderGov Facilitates Your Training
# of In-Person Training Sessionsn/a2 -4 per Month2 – 4 per Month
New Courses Offered2 per Month2 per Month2 per Month
Custom Content Developed*As NeededAs NeededAs Needed
Private Label Learning SystemAll EmployeesAll EmloyeesAll Emloyees
Access to Learning LibraryUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Surveys, Quizzes & ReportingIncluded at no costIncluded at no costIncluded at no cost
Course Completion CertificationsIncluded at no costIncluded at no costIncluded at no cost
Investment$995 per month$1,495 per month$1,995 – $2,995 per month
Cost per Department (10)/month$99$149$199 – $299
Cost per Department (300)/month$3.31$4.98$6.65 – $9.98

*Pricing is for Cities and Counties with under 500 employees.  Add $300 per plan for local governments with 500-1000 employees and an additional $800 for local governments with 1,000 – 1,500 employees.   We also offer special arrangements for governments with under 75 employees.


ASK YOURSELF:  Are our front-line employees focused on the citizen properly?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we prepare up and coming leaders?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I provide a comprehensive professional development program for every employee?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we better equip our leadership team?

ASK YOURSELF:  How can we better train our supervisors and Managers to do the basics well?

ASK YOURSELF:  Do your teams work cohesively?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I create and then track use of courses I want to develop for our team?

Live Training Workshops:  We come to you and deliver live, engaging training for both the professional and leadership tracks.   You have the option of two sessions of each course each month or one session of each course each month.

Live Training by Your Facilitators: We can equip your team to deliver LeaderGov’s development training.   We offer live coaching each month for facilitators, Leader Workbooks and best practices to support your leadership team or elected officials facilitate the materials.

New Monthly Content: The LeaderGov Academy delivers two new courses to your local government each month.  Your team will be notified of each courses’ availability.

Custom Courses:  We enable you to create and deploy your own internally developed courses for topics like sexual harassment or on-boarding.  Having your own courses online helps capture internal experts’ knowledge, reduces the time needed for your own in-house training and allows in-person meetings to be more impactful.

Access to Learning Library: Each month, as courses build in your library, your team has access to more and more content on demand.  If an employee is struggling with handling difficult people (for example), their Manager can assign a course from the Learning Library to address the specific learning need.

Surveys, Quizzes and Reporting: We’ve made it easy for you to put employee surveys, assessments and quizzes in one place.  The Learning Academy also provides you with an easy way to get key measures of the program’s success with statistics including number of minutes trained (by person), number of completed courses, number of incompleted courses, etc. by person.

Course Completion Certificates:  Your team members will get automatic course completion certificates upon full completion of each course.   The certificates are customized to your government and downloaded for you – keeping you from issuing certificates manually.

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