Learning Academy

LeaderGov’s core offering is a customized learning Academy for your City, County or Public Agency.   This is the “hub” of learning and development for your team.   Each Learning Academy will have a custom log-in for your team members and will allow you and your administrators to deploy and measure learning as you see fit!

  • Assign courses to new employees or new managers
  • Measure and track course attempts and completions
  • Send certificates of completion automatically
  • Develop your own pre-course and post-course assessments
  • Develop your own courses to reduce in-person time expenditures
  • Develop your own surveys for teams
  • Assign certain courses to “groups” within your City or County
  • Report on system usage and who’s in the scoreboard lead

LeaderGov provides the core content each month to the Learning Academy and your employees are notified of the new content so they can then sign-up for live sessions, sign up for live workshops or click and learn on-demand!


ASK YOURSELF:  How do we better equip our leadership team?

ASK YOURSELF:  Are our front-line employees focused on the citizen properly?

ASK YOURSELF:  How can we better train our supervisors and Managers to do the basics well?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we prepare up and coming leaders?

ASK YOURSELF:  Do your teams work cohesively?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I provide a comprehensive professional development program for every employee?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I create and then track use of courses I want to develop for our team?

Teamwork training through LeaderGov is changing our culture and really helping our team to execute and focus on results.

Renee WheelerDirector of HR - City of Stockbridge, GA
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