Motivation Beyond the Paycheck

Ever heard this before? “You’re getting a paycheck! That should be motivation enough to show up, do a good job and be happy.” This old mindset doesn’t work anymore, nor has it really ever worked….not too motivating is it? People spend a lot of time at work and in many cases more time than they […]

Four Great Ways to Motivate Your Team for Success

Leaders intrinsically know that motivation comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Growing up, I was motivated to attend Boy Scouts on Monday nights because I wanted to achieve the next merit badge and I enjoyed doing fun stuff with my friends. In managing a City or County team, it’s important to continually leverage a […]

Mindfulness Starts with Self-Awareness

As is the case with so many things, how we apply psychology to business best practices has evolved over time. Workers were once seen as cogs in a machine, but today we recognize talent as our greatest asset and most valuable resource. It goes without saying (and yet we’re saying it anyway) that this is […]

ICMA Practices for Effective Local Government Leadership and Management

1. PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY Being fair, honest, and ethical in all personal and professional relationships and activities Leadership dimensions that contribute to this core content area are: Fostering ethical behavior throughout the organization through exemplary personal actions Ensuring the decision-making model reflects integrity, honesty, and openness. Management dimensions that contribute to this core content area are: […]