Course List and Tracks

LeaderGov offers two great tracks of learning for your local government team – Leadership Development and Professional Development.   The Leadership track is designed for Supervisors, Managers, Directors and other Leadership.   The Professional Development track is designed for all employees, especially those in front-line positions.

LeaderGov offers two courses each month – one from each track.  Customers will be notified of new courses and courses will be added each year touching on different challenges in local government.


Designed for Directors, Managers, and Supervisors


Designed for everyone, especially front-line employees

JanuaryExecution of StrategyHow to Cope with Stress
FebruaryServant LeadershipEffective Communication I
MarchBuilding TrustEffective Communication II
AprilMastering ConflictCustomer Service
MayAchieving CommitmentEmotional Intelligence
JuneEmbracing AccountabilityTime Management
JulyFocusing on ResultsHow to Handle Difficult People
AugustDeveloping OthersKnowing your collaboration style
SeptemberDelegating & DirectingRelational Wisdom
OctoberMotivating OthersServant Leadership
NovemberVision and Goal SettingTeamwork
DecemberBuilding AlignmentWorkplace Etiquette

ASK YOURSELF:  How can we better train our supervisors and Managers to do the basics well?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I provide a comprehensive professional development program for every employee?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we better equip our leadership team?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we prepare up and coming leaders?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I create and then track use of courses I want to develop for our team?

ASK YOURSELF:  Are our front-line employees focused on the citizen properly?

ASK YOURSELF:  Do your teams work cohesively?

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