Learning Philosophy

It’s well known that life-long learning is a key to successful leadership (and life).

But for most adults, real learning and behavior change takes place over time. That’s why LeaderGov offers one-time live courses and, more importantly, reinforces that learning over time with innovative “knowledge checks” weeks or months later.

We utilize a blended learning approach meaning that we offer both onsite live training as well as online live training and on-demand online learning.  Our customers tell us that they want an engaging interactive in-person approach first, then use online options to support learning

In addition, people learn in different ways….some by hearing and others by doing, watching or reading or a combination of ways.   LeaderGov offers a variety of ways to learn so that each local government employee can maximize their success at the Learning Academy!

We also believe in learning that includes everyone, not just a select few.   Live trainings are not possible for certain shift workers, like firefighters, so we designed our courses to solve these unique local government challenges.

We want to help cities and counties build a culture of learning so they can better serve citizens and each other and, then, better impact communities.


ASK YOURSELF: How do I provide a comprehensive professional development program for every employee?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we prepare up and coming leaders?

ASK YOURSELF:  Are our front-line employees focused on the citizen properly?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I create and then track use of courses I want to develop for our team?

ASK YOURSELF:  How can we better train our supervisors and Managers to do the basics well?

ASK YOURSELF:  Do your teams work cohesively?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we better equip our leadership team?

We believe the learning needs several elements to be successful, and we follow the Gagne Model of Instructional Design as much as possible in our course development.

Pre-Course Assessment

We want to help you measure current skills levels before a course is taken.

Course delivery

We then offer both narrated and interactive online course elements for the learner.


We want to ensure that the learner applys the skills to actual workplace realities, so we often require an application homework for the employee.

Post-Course Assessment

We then offer a post-course assessment to determine the knowledge level after the material is provided.



We make available two post-course reinforcement learning modules post-course that highlight key learning and include interactive online activity to master the material.  We will also use outside public sources such as Ted Talks and other resources to reinforce the learning topic, again, so different learners can learn in their own preferred way.

Certificate of Completion

Once all the program elements have been completed, the LeaderGov system will provide a downloadable “Certificate of Completion” that can be prominently displayed.

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