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LeaderGov exists to help Cities and Counties and other public agencies develop their teams so they operate at their peak.  We want to reach as many Cities and Counties and other agencies as we can to help them in this endeavor.

LeaderGov is seeking individuals who are engaged in local government services to join our team of Affiliates.  We want to partner with others who are connected to the Human Resources and City/County management who can help promote, facilitate and support the LeaderGov methodology.

We want to build strong relationships with our Affiliates and support them as they bring our world-class government-centric Academy to the others.

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ASK YOURSELF:  How do we better equip our leadership team?

ASK YOURSELF:  Are our front-line employees focused on the citizen properly?

ASK YOURSELF:  How can we better train our supervisors and Managers to do the basics well?

ASK YOURSELF:  How do we prepare up and coming leaders?

ASK YOURSELF:  Do your teams work cohesively?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I provide a comprehensive professional development program for every employee?

ASK YOURSELF: How do I create and then track use of courses I want to develop for our team?

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