Motivation Beyond the Paycheck

Ever heard this before?

“You’re getting a paycheck! That should be motivation enough to show up, do a good job and be happy.”

This old mindset doesn’t work anymore, nor has it really ever worked….not too motivating is it?

People spend a lot of time at work and in many cases more time than they spend at home with family.  So, they want their time at work to mean something, to be enjoyable and they want a place to thrive….not just “pick-up a paycheck”.

If managers can create the right kind of motivational environment, employees will thrive.  Additionally, Cities and Counties will get more work from team members and a higher quality work output as well.

There’s a straight-forward way to create that kind of motivating environment:

Each person has a unique style of collaboration – their own personality.   In our courses at LeaderGov we teach City and County leaders how the four personality styles need to be approached in order to create an environment where team members are motived to do their best and give incremental effort.

If you can learn to approach each person’s style in a way that works for them, you will create an environment that allows them to thrive.   Using the common DiSC personality assessment vernacular, below are some examples of creating a motivating environment that works:

For example:

  • D-Style (dominant) people like to make decisions and take action; to motivate them, put them in situations where they can move projects forward and they will thrive. Incumbering them with lengthy research or analysis will de-motivate them.
  • I-Style (influencer) people like interaction with others, they like comradery and collaboration. If you allow I-Style employees to work in groups and get group input on various projects or goals, they will be better motivated to do a great job.
  • S-Style (steadiness) people love to support others and help out on projects. If you can bring them into team environments and allow them to help the team achieve the goal, they will be motivated and thrive.
  • Lastly, C-Style (conscientious) people value accuracy, love quality, and enjoy research. To motivate them for their best allow them to work on the quality control part of a project or work on the details of a new City or County project and they will thrive.

Motivating others is more about enabling them to work in a way that best suits them.   When you approach those on your team in this way, you will see productivity and teamwork soar and your team will give extra effort without being asked.   It’s worth the investment.

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